3d Mapping



It consists in to project images on buildings surface transforming the facade appearance through form sets and optical illusions.

buildings, monuments, cathedrals

architecture mapping, architectural mapping, videomapping, 3d mapping, 4d mapping monumentale mapping,




In terms of costs and versatility, an indoor place appears to be more sophisticated with Mapping sets. You can change the decor instantly, create new environments, include video or to set product presentations in real time.

stand mapping, stage mapping, indoor mapping


stands, conferences, stages, concerts




Video projections enhance and streamline your product image presentations for trade fairs. There are as many possibilities as products in your catalog.

micro mapping, mini mapping, object mapping

sneakers, furiture, cars, products




A logo mapped on your shopwindow or shopsign gives to your consumers a delighting and recalling experience. Your logo will sparkle with sophisticated images in motion and spotlight contents.
logo mapping, storewindow mapping

retroprojected methacrylate logos




The 3d Mapping installation can be activated by the user through his voice, an iPad, Kinect or with the movement of his body.

interactive mappin, interactivityg

3d mapping combined with interactivity