Cathedral, Devil’s Victory (Mallorca, Spain)

  • info

    Place: Catedral Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
    Event: St. Sebastian (patron of Palma de Mallorca)
    Date: January, 2011
    Size: 120×60 meters – 7200 sq meters
    Type: architectureMapping
    Audience: 60,000 people attending the event
    Media Coverage: Diario de Mallorca, Última Hora, dBalears, TVE, Tele5, TV3, IB3, El Mundo
    Client: Palma de Mallorca City Council / Iguana Teatre
  • credits

    3d Mapping: Palnoise
    Creative Director: Alberto Calahorro
    Technical Director: Javier Álvarez
    Content 3d/2d: Jose Mª Pereyra, Alberto Calahorro
    Sound Composer: Miquel Ángel Aguiló
    Script: Iguana Teatre
    Communication: Xavier Calahorro, Noelia Sánchez
    Technical Heads: Martín Sánchez, Sergio Calahorro, Xavier Pons
    Technical Equipment: Palnoise, StereoRent, LedsRent, BAF, ICMedia, PGN
    Producer: Iguana Teatre
    Client: Palma de Mallorca City Council
  • descripction

  • Evil and flames take over Majorca Cathedral.

    More than a thousand actors disguised as demons take the Gothic church. Here enters the staging Palnoise.

    The forces of evil rooted and undermine the building foundations, destroying pillars and buttress.
    The facade is cracking, the windows explode. Meanwhile, flocks of crows flutter around the facade and suddenly collapses virtually the Cathedral.

    A multidisciplinary show including fireworks, giant beasts, orchestra, soprano, actors, a spectacular sound system and of course a shocking 4d mapping.
    60,000 people attended the event (El Mundo Newspaper) and hundreds of thousands watch the live broadcast through TV channels as RTVE, IB3, Tele5 and TV3.

    Date: January 21, 2011