Cube DJ Booth, Privilege (Ibiza, Spain)

  • info

    Place: Privilege Ибица, Испания
    Evnet: MyClubRoom
    Date: 2010 Summer season in Ibiza
    Scenary: Layher Esculpture
    Size: 8×6 meters
    Тype: liveMapping & Vj
    Audience: 4,000 people/week
    Client: MyClubRoom / Privilege Ibiza
  • credits

    3d Mapping: Palnoise
    3d/2d Artist: Javier Galán, Alberto Calahorro
    Director & VJ: Alberto Calahorro
    Djs: Dj Sammy, Julian Vegas, Enric Ricone & Danny Fernandez, Carlos Jean, Alan Alvarez
    Vocals: Rebeca Brown, Nyah
    Technicians: Privilege staff
    Technical Equipments: Palnoise
    Producer: Amadeo López

  • description

    Mapping on cube structure (Layher). Double projection on foreground and background.
    Each cube is coated with micro fabric for depth on both screening layers.
    The cube modular structure is designed to reconfigure it again leading to new stages.
    This mapping is inspired by the work of Etienne de Crezy and similar structures have been seen on the MTV Adwards.
  • Date: June 14, 2010