Dj Booth Hypnotizing Pattern (Formentera, Spain)


  • info

    Place: Tipic Club, Formentera Island (Spain)
    Event: Feedback
    Scenery: Polyurethane sculpture
    Size: 7×2 meters
    Type: liveMapping & Vj
    Client: Feedback / Tipic Club Formentera

  • credits

    3d Mapping: Palnoise
    3d/2d Artist: Alberto Calahorro
    Djs: Dj Ru, Roberto Navarro
    Producer: Roger Caldes
    Technical Equipment: Palnoise, Aladdin Lights
    Client: Feedback, Tipic Club Formentera

  • description

    VideoMapping live on a polyurethane cube structure. The sounds of music arise from the DJ and merge with the visual geometry in a hypnotic pattern.

    Warm visual set played during four hours in Tipic Club. Minimal aesthetics for an intimate club in Formentera Island and its kind people.