Lift Off, Videoclip (Barcelona, Spain)

  • info

    Place: Barcelona (Spain)
    Type: Videoclip
    Track: Lift Off
    Band: Eclectic Symphony
    Production: Visualiso & Palnoise

  • description

    This is an unpretentious videoclip with zero production budget. This was the starting point for the video shoot, recorded in just six hours and three locations.

    It includes 3d Mapping and bodyMapping, that is, projected video images onto the body of the actress.

  • credits

    Produced by: Eclectic Symphony, Visualiso & Palnoise
    Director: Alberto Calahorro
    Art Director: Xavier Calahorro
    Lift Off Composers: Mauri Batero, Vincent Jonkers
    Starring: Caroline Blot, Mauri Batero, Vincent Jonkers
    Cameraman: Martín Sánchez (Visualiso)
    Script: Mariano Sánchez
    Edition: Alberto Calahorro
    Producers: Visualiso & Palnoise