Long Chair (Milan, Italy)

  • info

    Place: Milan Furniture Fair
    Event: Salone Internazionale del mobile
    Size: 3×3 meters
    Type: microMapping
    Audience: 15,000 people
    Client: !Coodi
  • description

    The industrial design studio !Coodi wanted to highlight his product from competitors during the International Furniture Fair in Milano.

    To emphasize the product image, we projected onto the model Palnoise Ottium a videomapping in which light particles accentuate the forms.

    The result is a combination of art and technology. This smart 3d Mapping projection serves to capture the attention of customers and investors.

  • credits

    3d Mapping: Palnoise
    3d/2d Artist: Alberto Calahorro
    Long Chair Design: Andrea Rossetti
    Comunication: Xavier Calahorro
    Camera Operator: Martín Sánchez (Visualiso)
    Production: !Coodi
    Technical Equipment: Palnoise
    Sound Track: Miura, Metro Area

    Date: April 15, 2011