Mayan Pyramid (S.José, Guatemala)

    3d Maping Pyramid Guatemala Festival from palnoise on Vimeo.

  • info

    Place: Juan Gaviota (Guatemala)
    Event: Guat’s Up Guatemaya Festival
    Dates: New Year Eve 2013
    Ephemeral Architecture: Mayan Pyramid
    Size: 18×8 meters
    Type: liveMapping & Vj
    Audience: 3,000 people
    Client: The Music Voice

  • description

    Mapping on recreation of a Mayan pyramid in Guatemala.The Mayan pyramid was built of steel and vinyl exclusively for the event.

    Two hundred 2d and 3d animations with which to improvise the dj’s music with creative leeway. The liveMapping lasted six hours.

    Some of these animations were used to enhance the branding of Tigo and Budweiser sponsors.

    This work has been carried out in collaboration between diVision and Palnoise studios and The Music Voice producer.

  • credits

    3d Mapping: diVision Ibiza + Palnoise
    Team Leader & 3d: Xavier Calahorro
    Director & 3d: Alfonso Losco
    2d Artist: Alberto Calahorro
    Djs: Fran Arés, Marien Baker, Carlos Nunes
    360º Cameraman: Carlos Rodas (Maiviu)
    Production: Carlos Mayor, Juan Nuñez
    Technical Equipment: Blessure
    Production Company: The Music Voice