Ramadan 360, Bushido (Kingdom of Bahrain)

  • info

    Place: Bushido Lounge Restaurant, Bahrain
    Event: Month of Ramadan celebration
    Date: July-August 2013
    Indoor Design: 360-degree visual system
    Size: 48×5 meters
    Type: standMapping
    Audience: 3,000 people
    Client: Bushido Lounge Restaurant
  • description

    To celebrate the month of Ramadan, Bushido hired us to create a 3d Mapping system to decorate the main room of his Japanese Restaurant. Our premises were to respect the Islamic tradition and do indoor design with an innovation audio visual piece.

    The projections covered the 360-degree room with eight video projectors in “blending” mode. This projection of 48 meters required 3d Mapping contents of 8,196 pixels widescreen.

    The visual content created from our studio in Ibiza was supervised by an expert in Islamic culture. We made reference to the Koran values ​​and traditional icons of Arab culture. We projected hawks, horses, camels, Berber, desert nature, constellations, Arab fonts and Arabic geometric patterns.

  • credits

    3d Mapping: Palnoise
    Creative & Technical Director: Alberto Calahorro
    3d Mapping Contents: Alex Plaza, Maca Moreno, Alberto Calahorro
    Technician: Rafael Rossi (Pixel Over)
    Dj Bushido: Dara Singh
    Bushido Director: Vincent Barthelemy
    Technical Equipment: Palnoise
    Agency: The Factory Dubai
    Client: Bushido Lounge Restaurant Japanese