Xmas Tree Interactive Ipad, Dubai (UAE)

Xmas Tree Dubai Mapping + Interactive from palnoise on Vimeo.

  • info

    Place: The Walk JBR, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
    Event: Christmas at mall
Date: 10-26 December, 2015
Size: Huge Tree 15×9 meters
    Type: interactiveMapping
    Audience: 5,000 people by day. Total 75,000 people
Client: Meeras
  • description

    Interactivity and 3D Mapping: the consistent application of 2 technologies together show. 3d Mapping played every 1h on a Christmas tree 15 meters high and 360 projected. On the other hand the project includes interactive technology that enables users to control Ipad by Mapping through an app specifically created.
    The menu of the app ipad allows to change the projection of the tree and play with their appearance, seeing the projected result. Ipad app created for this event, can customize the background color of the tree, leaves, snow, ice and then can add items as Christmas balls, gifts, gingerbread cookies, nutcrackers or lights.
    The entire project was supervised in order to respect Islamic traditions and combine them with the more commercial side of Christmas.
    The project was conducted in collaboration between the agency Mariachi Events and Palnoise for the most important outdoor mall in Dubai, The Walk in Jumeirah Beach Residence JBR.
  • credits

    Produced by: Mariachi Events
    3d Mapping: Palnoise
    Creative Director: Alberto Calahorro
    Interactivity Programmer: Jesús Colorado
    3d/2d Artist : Pablo Velasco, David Borrego, Alberto Calahorro
    Story: Alberto Calahorro, Pablo Velasco
    Technical Director: Arun Mahendran (Click Digital Media)
    Compositor Audio & Fx: Pablo Velasco
    Producers: Santhosh Peters, Roberto Warnert
    AV Equipments: <a href=”http://fyrscreen.com/es/&quot;” target=”_blank”>Eclipse</a>
    Client: Meeras

Date: December 15, 2015